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Cracow - A Grazy Journey through time in a Trabant
© Grazy Guides
Chopin Hotel***, Cracow
  • 2 nights/bb in a 3-star hotel
  • Communism tour Nowa Huta with a vintage Trabant
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Salzburg - Fortress Concerts 2015
© Salzburg Tourism
Castallani Parkhotel****, Salzburg
  • 2 nights/bb in a 4-star hotel
  • 1 x 4-course candlelight dinner
  • Ticket to Salzburg Fortress Concert
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Munich - White Sausage & Fried Pastry
© Kzenon / beer garden in Munich
angelo Hotel**** Munich, Westpark
  • 2 nights/bb in a 4-star hotel
  • Munich delicacies tour
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Imperial Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace, Great Parterre / © Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H.
Parkhotel Schönbrunn**** Wien
  • 3 nights/bb in a 4-star hotel
  • Admissions to the TOP attractions of Imperial Vienna
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Out of this World
THE WYLD / © Friedrichstadt-Palast
andel's Hotel****s, Berlin
  • 2 nights/bb in 4-star Hotel
  • Ticket to THE WYLD
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Prague -
Jazz, Swing & Blues
Prague - Jazz Boat
angelo Hotel****, Prague
  • 2 nights/bb in 4-star hotel
  • Ticket for the Jazz Boat
  • 3 course menu on board
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